About Patrick Garrett Photography





Photography is a way of feeling,
of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. 
- Aaron Siskind



Photographs are timeless. They allow us to capture a moment in time and preserve it in order to share with others – regardless of time or place. Truth be told, there are few mediums that share in a photograph’s emotional power and reach. Whether it’s a classic family portrait or a scratched polaroid print, a photo has the ability to take us back in time where we can revisit old friends, favorite haunts or even bask in the smell of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. There’s simply nothing that can compare to a photograph when it comes to remembering the past and preserving it for years to come.


The advent of digital photography has made photography more accessible than ever.  People are taking more photos and discovering new ways to share them with their friends and family everyday. Yet despite this democratization of photography I continually find myself talking to people who are seeking to find a photographer they can trust to take truly unique photos of their families.  Not only do they want to be in the photo themselves but they want a photo that is different from what their friends can get at the local mall photography studio.


As a photographer I live for the opportunity to create something truly unique for my clients.  If I can make them smile, laugh or even cry (it’s a good thing) I know I’ve done my job. I take great pride in having my photographs displayed in my client’s homes or photo albums. For this reason each photo session is customized to my client’s exact needs and vision. By spending time with my clients and getting to know them personally I am able to do more than just take their picture.  I am able to capture the most important moments of their lives and assist them in sharing them with generations to come.


If you’re looking to hire a photographer or simply want to learn more about my personal style, I encourage you to explore my website. If you feel that my approach to photography is what you’re looking for please call me at (314) 735-0868.  Alternatively you can contact me via my online contact form with any questions regarding my services, photographic process or availability. I look forward to exploring photo possibilities with you.