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Family. It's one of the few things in life that we don't get to choose. And truth be told, one's family can be hard to deal with, embarrassing and just plain messy. But underneath all that mess is a beautiful thing. Family supports us when times get tough. Family celebrates our accomplishments and makes sure that we never forget our mistakes, so we learn from them. It's time to embrace our family - the good and the bad. The perfect and the imperfect. 

Get out there and celebrate your messy family and never let an opportunity pass you by to capture the moment in photos. We spend a lot of time capturing the perfect family pose, which isn't always easy, but there's something about the goofy poses and random out-takes during a family shoot that makes us smile. So be yourself and embrace everything that your family has to offer. Messy or not, those memories will last a lifetime.

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Location! Location! Location! | St. Louis Family Portrait Photography

When large family groups get together for reunions they don't always have the luxury of holding the get together at a place that holds memories for them. But every once in a while there are exceptions - like this past weekend when taking photos for Aimee Holy and her extended family.

Family members from around the country had gathered at a family home that backs up to a golf course that holds very fond memories for the family. It was fitting then that it became the back drop for their group photo as well others of smaller groups of family members. The photos turned out well but the real stars of the day were the family members themselves. Temperatures around 45 degrees and strong winds made it challenging to remain focus and not insist on wearing a coat at all times.

But in the end everyone did an amazing job and as a result they have some great photos to remember their reunion and the course that they hold so dear in their hearts. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.


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Final Days of Fall | St. Louis Family Photography HendrickFamilyPhotos-168-Edit


Living in St. Louis has it's challenges when it comes to the weather. Three Saturdays ago was no exception when I was scheduled to take photos of the Hendricks family in Forest Park. 

The day started off chilly but sunny with a nice mix of big puffy clouds but by 1 pm it was cloudy and actually sleeting. Seemed as if getting the photos taken before the leaves were gone was going to be impossible. But hey, it's St. Louis right? We waited a bit longer and as the time arrived for our shoot the sleet was gone, the clouds separated and the sun came back out raising the temperature just enough to make it bearable for everyone.

We headed to Forest Park and set out to capture some memories as the last of Fall's golden leaves clung to their branches. The kids laughed and ran about while Dad and Mom chased them through the leaves. It may have been a little cold but everyone was enjoying being out in the crisp air in the beautiful park surroundings. And by the time the sun set it was a wrap - and just in time. The cold had finally gotten to the youngest as he simply couldn't hold still for yet another photo. 

Thanks to Brian and Maggie for allowing me to play a part in capturing their family members as we head into Winter in St. Louis. The day was perfect after all and I couldn't have asked for a better setting or better subjects. I hope you enjoy your photos for many years to come.


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2014 St. Ann Catholic School Graduation 20148thGraduation-160-Edit20148thGraduation-160-Edit

Taking photos at a graduation ceremony are always enjoyable. The air is filled with excitement as students get ready to celebrate a major milestone in their lives with family and friends. The St. Ann Catholic School Class of 2014 was no exception. What a wonderful group of kids who are ready embark on a four-year highs chool adventure. I felt so inspired by them that I contacted several members of my 8th grade class and now we're holding a reunion this summer to catch up on almost 30 years since we graduated. 

Click here to view all the photos Class of 2014's graduation ceremony.

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St. Ann Catholic School First Communion 2014StAnnFirstCommunion-083-Edit2014StAnnFirstCommunion-083-Edit


What an honor to be responsible for taking photos again for the second grade class at St. Ann Catholic School as they made their First Holy Communion. It was truly a special day for all of these kids as they celebrated with their family and friends. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

Click here to view all the photos from this year's First Communion.

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Time For Family | St. Louis Portrait Photography It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog and even longer since I’ve taken any formal portraits of my family. Yesterday I decided it was time to take a photo of my daughter Libby to celebrate her recent birthday and record her growth officially. As always she was a joy to work with and the camera continues to love her unconditionally. She’s a beautiful young lady and she makes me proud to be her father.

In addition to taking photos of my daughter I was able to convince my wife to go before the camera this time. Kate’s not always willing to put herself in the “spotlight” so to speak so I was thrilled when she agreed to pose for a few photos. What I know she learned is that posing for photos is harder than it looks and smiling on demand isn’t easy. I also hope she learned that she is just as beautiful today as she was when I met her for the first time years ago. I’m truly a lucky man to have her as my wife and partner in crime. I hope she continues to let me photograph her as we continue our life’s journey together.



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Courtney & Dave | St. Louis Engagement Photography

I love taking engagement photos! To bear witness to a love so strong that it is leading up to marriage is a truly powerful thing. When a couple asks that I be responsible for capturing their love in photos I consider it a tremendous honor and I do everything in my power to make the process one they will remember for years to come.

A few months ago I had the privilege of taking photos for my niece Courtney, and her fiance, Dave. We headed down to Lafayette Square Park on what was, at the time, the hottest day of the year with temperatures right at 100 even though it was 5:30 pm in the evening.  Over the course of the next few hours we walked throughout the park taking pictures and capturing the special relationship between these two young adults.  I’ve captured photos of Courtney over the years and have seen her grown from a little girl to an amazing young woman and I couldn’t be more proud of the person she has become.

As I post this entry today Courtney is at her bridal shower being thrown by her aunt – my sister.  I thought it only fitting to get this online as an extension of her special day.  And while the weather has finally cooled down, at least temporarily, I hope the memories of that hot day a few months ago live on for years to come whenever Courtney or Dave look at the photos we created together.



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A 50th Wedding Anniversary | St. Louis Event Photography


A few weeks ago I bore witness to something amazing. The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Richard & Patricia Gill.
(Full disclosure – Patti & Dick are my wife’s aunt & uncle.)

The simple truth is that you rarely hear of people celebrating their 50th anniversary anymore. So I consider myself lucky in that I was able to watch them renew their vows in front of their family & friends.  And when you consider that a few months I was in the presence of several other family couples celebrating their 35th, 40th, 50th & 60th wedding anniversaries, it’s been an amazing year!

I’m incredibly humbled that I was asked to capture this special day for Patti & Dick in photos & hope that the memories I’ve preserved will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Here’s a brief photo montage video from the day’s event.  Enjoy!




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St. Ann Dinner Dance & Auction | St. Louis Event Photography


I had the privilege of taking photos this weekend at St. Ann Catholic Church’s 2011 Sponsor’s Dinner Dance & Auction.  The dinner dance & auction is their primary fundraiser of the year & is a much anticipated event by parishioners and alumni alike.  I have to tell you it was a top notch event.  People were truly enjoying themselves as they bid on items in both silent and oral auctions.  The evening also included a full course dinner and live band for everyone’s dancing pleasure.


My assignment was to take photos of everyone interacting and having a good time so they could use them to not only remember the event but also for future marketing of the event.  I think the photos turned out great & initial response from the attendees to the photos has been outstanding.  To complete the event photography session I’ve posted the images online in a gallery for review and ordering (with proceeds going back to the parish community) as well as a video remix format as you can view below.


Thanks to everyone at St. Ann for a great evening & for being such great photo subjects.



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Portrait Session For A Cause | St. Louis Portrait Photography


I’m excited to announce that one of my portrait sessions is going to be offered as one of the primary oral auction items at this year’s St. Ann Sponsor’s Dinner Dance & Auction on April 30th.


This event is the main fundraiser for St. Ann Catholic Church & School and I’m proud to be a part of the event again this year.  Along with the portrait session package I’ve also donated a few select prints for the silent auction.


The video below showcases the session I’ve donated.  If you’d like to find out more information about the auction and how you can get tickets to attend please click here for details.


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